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Naam: Karel Danko
Bedrijf: Adult entertainment company
Reactiesnelheid: 24 uur
Waardering: 7.8 (van max. 10)
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Married couple searching for escort work!

[Gesteld op: 01-02-2009]

We are a sexy and real attractive married couple, and we currently live and work in Noord Brabant.
I'm 31 and my wife are 24 year's old.
We are both bisex,and we would like to work as an escort couple.
It's been a long time,that we keep searching for an escort-agency without any luck so far.
We like to get some help in our search,or some advice!
-how we could work as an escort couple,and what's are possibilties?
-where we can find a correct and good paying escort-agency?

Please send us answer!
We are gladly accept any usefull information and advice!

Thank you,and hopefully we hear from you soon!


Hoi Gabriel and Angela,

I know an escort agency in Helmond who have place for a couple.. I help this escort agency also.... So mail them and Iam sure they want to meet you and take you up in there agency. leve msg to werken@daimondescorts.nl

So first you sent them a mail and leave your phone number behind so they can call you back to make an apointment and please if you have sent a picture of you 2.

Mabe they dont have work right away, because they need stil their license and I know they get it in march/april (because I help them to get their escort license) but I be sure they are the right agency...

Or sent me an email aec@adviseert.com and I also get you in my database so then you have more oportunities...

In the second half of 2009 I open a club near amsterdam. Than I need also a bi couple, so sent also the information to werken@club-g-strings.nl sent phonenumber and pictures so I can contact you for the club.

I hope it was usefull for you both

With love,

Karel      tel 06-2345-7008


Beantwoord door:
Karel Danko

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Gemiddelde score Prostitutie: 7.8 (282x gestemd)

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