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Permanent residence permit

[Gesteld op: 10-02-2019]

I got a criminal record of shoplifting of under 50 euros groceries. I now lived in the Netherlands for 3 years now. Having a house. A permanent job. A kennismigrant working residence permit until 2022. I plan to study for the immigration exam for the permanent residence permit. Can I get a permanent permit with such record? If not, would it be possible to get another kennismigrant permit ?
Thank you!

In cases like this ia do advice never to pay a suggested penalty at once.

It is always better to ask a criminal attorney that does have extended knowledge of immigration law to represent you and ask first of all for the officiel file. On basis of the file it can be decided how to proceed best.

Shop liftimg is a criminal act, not a mere misdemeanour.
It will not jeopardize an existing residence permit. It will influance getting teh Dutch nationality, a first residence permit and (at this moment) not a long term residence status.

A similar question recently was asked on a Dutch forum: https://www.mixed-couples.nl/index.php/topic,22199.msg181715.html#msg181715

Beantwoord door:
Gart Adang

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