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Chemical Lung Pneumonia

[Gesteld op: 12-03-2010]

I am not a doctor, however i need to know what to do, it is almost impossible to get treatment for this kind of things. I am not a doctor, no, but i need to know the treatment, cause i am helping to survive.

this are the medicines availlable:
A fluticasonpropionate
B morfine
C tramadol

Other medicines are unavaillable. WHAT MEDICINES ARE NEEDED!!! And where can i buy them to treat the victim???

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Personal Account
Date: 2010/3/12
Subject: Probably Chemical Pneumonia Fwd: Treatment protocol needed
To: media@opcw.org, wils0055@planet.nl, personal.account1984@gmail.com

Date of administration: 28 mai 2005

Observed: Skin turns deep red within a week, very tiny red dots on the skin giving the feeling of burning, skin rash, incredible amount of pain inside the chest. Soldiers were laughing 'you will be murdered with a double lung pneumonia' and 'death is my work, and i enjoy it'. Victim was unable to breath inside the 'gassroom'. Victim survives but after so many years is still in severe pain, nothing indicates a bacterial pneumonia (e.g. the crispy sound of a bacterial pneumonia of the pleura). XRay's do not show something clear. Victims has complaints of feeling to sufficate. However sometimes can breath normally. Current indication, lung trauma e.g. severe astma like, fluticasonpropionate started. Morfine against the pain.

Please help. Do they need to administer something like prednison? How to treat chemical lung pneumonia?
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