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Can I import fruit from australia?

[Gesteld op: 24-11-2009]

I have a unique opportunity to go into partnership with a fruit grower in Australia to import an exotic fruit. The aim in the beginning is for sale in high profile restaurants and then eventually supermarket chains. The fruit is native to Bolivia, and the Australia farmer has the only license in the world to grow it outside of Bolivia. How do I know what type of import license I need? How do I know if the fruit is vorbidden to import? Who can I contact to help me with the process of importing what I wish to import?

Dear importer

For all fruit and vegetables the EU have the same rules. In order to answer your question properley I need to know the name of fruit and the kind (growing on trees , juice fruit etc. as much as possible details.

This is for the import percentage and if the fruit can be imported at all.

Normally you nieed a health certificate as per EU standards the Australian authorities do know which and what and do have the forms available. Further for almost all products for human consumption the fruit will have to be checked at the EU border at the first point of unloading on EU soil.

Thats what I can tell you at the moment as the term "exotic fruits"is not sufficient in order to give you more specified details.

Kind regards


Reactie vraagsteller:
Hi Clemens

thankyou for your reaction. I tried to look at your webpage but could not find an email address to send further information to.

My email address is: jasontorrisi@mail.com

If you could email me then I can provide further information.

Antwoord Beheerder:

Have sent you a mail

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Gratis Adviseurs

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